i believe in her


i believe in her

Colour Meme [x] lisathevampireslayer asked Cordy + Shades of Purple

angel the series + hugs


"Kalijah + Pastels" requested by anon

Klebekah appreciation week: Day 2 - Favorite quote

"When you spend a thousand years with someone, deciding to quit them is like losing a part of yourself"

                          »I wish it was mine
Ats & Btvs Vid Recs


Cast Vids

Angel Cast

"If Nothing We Do Matters"byxSandy5219x

All That Matters by SamanthaWinnings

All We Are by ActiveFJM

Buffy Cast

the stories we will write"byCDS1Pr0ductions

"we’re gonna win"by SweetEmmaWatson

How Far We’ve Come by BottledMichelle

No one asks for their life to change by TYLER002 (WARNING very fast paced)

Once More With Feeling by Chloex93

This is War by BottledMichelle

Ats/Btvs Cast

"and I’ll find strength in the pain" by jennprodz

Everybody Loves Me by Chloex93

Life Without You by ButtnJamz323

Character Vids


Lies on the lips of a priest by FaithLehane

To Build a Home by yourstreetserenade

Buffy Summers

"Turning into Stone" by Afterthebattle

Crawling in my Skin by xTeenageWastelandx

Jesus Christ by wowitsahomosapien

Tired Again by bangelandspuffy4ever 

Charles Gunn

This Happens to Me by SamanthaWinnings

Cordelia Chase

Going Down in Flames by 1snowhitequeen1

She’s so lovely by Diabeticdude202TVS

Stand Still, Look Pretty by 1snowhitequeen1

Still Around by SamanthaWinnings

Dawn Summers (I could not find any and I didn’t want to leave her off the list so I included my own vid)

When I’m Falling I’m at Peace by Me

Faith Lehane

Beautiful as you are by jess9191

I Will Make You Hurt by Crazyashgm86

Monster, how should I feel? by sheryloh

Only Human by xbrittnoel21x

You’ve Always Been Sick by xBadwolfproductionsx

Fred Burkle

Gold by yourstreetserenade


Can’t give it up by Ruiningyourselfimage

Lilah Morgan

Lilah Morgan is an Evil bitch by hiphuggerz4ever

Willow Rosenberg

Eyes on Fire by mmecherry

Lullaby for my beloved by xBadwolfproductionsx

Machine Gun - Dark Willow by Medusa004 (WARNING fast paced)

She’s Only Human by xBadwolfproductionsx

Skinny Love by Diabeticdude202TVS

Wesley Wyndam Pryce

Be My Friend by Crazyashgm86

X&Y by 1snowhitequeen1

Xander Harris

I’m Still Here by josephandtoby

Couple Vids

Angel & Darla

Howl by Shoopdancer2504 

I Need to Know by xxAngelFaithxx

Buffy & Angel

Make me wanna die by Parcylove01

Somebody to die for by xmortalgirl

The time goes on now by CDS1Pr0ductions

Cordy & Angel

Hymn for the missing by misstranscendental

Meteor Shower by SamanthaWinnings

Pieces by ViddersRock

Pieces of a Dream by 1snowhitequeen1

Shattered by MeTeytos88

Signs by yourstreetserenade

You Belong With Me by sidewalkdr723

Jenny & Giles

She was the first I loved by hopelessdevotionox

Spike & Buffy

Colorblind by sweetiepie1019

Find a Way by ActiveFJM

Hardest of Hearts by xSandy5219x (WARNING fast paced)

If you can reach me by SpuffyPr0ductions

Stolen by eemily5L

This is how I show my love by Hanneybean7

What if the storm ends by Medusa004

Willow & Tara

In My Dreams I See You Again by xBadwolfproductionsx

I Miss All the Little Things by xBadwolfproductionsx

I would have loved you all my life by xBadwolfproductionsx

Something Beautiful by Prodigi

Wesley & Lilah

Colorblind by 1snowhitequeen1

Come Around by Afterthebattle

Everything by 1snowhitequeen1

You Know I’d Always Come For You by hiphuggerz4ever

Wesley & Fred

New York by wowitsahomosapien

Family/Friendship vids

Angel & Connor - Prodigal by SamanthaWinnings

Angel & Connor - Would you please ease my pain? by PJosschanges

Buffy & Giles - In My Arms by kittykat189

Buffy & Willow - Carry Me Through by ActiveFJM

Buffy + Willow + Xander - All This Time by LaLunaRossa90

Buffy & Xander - Konstantine by starryeyesxx1

Dawn & Tara - It wont be the same by xBadwolfproductionsx

Willow & Xander - Beauty in the Breakdown by xBadwolfproductionsx