melissa being amazing tbh


Make me choose

anonymous asked: nina dobrev or candice accola?

Klaus/Caroline/Stefan as a How I Met Your Mother Fathers AU


tvd meme ♔ [3/6] song moments: Ungodly Hour - The Fray
↳ “And I know you’re leaving now, cause I held on to my way tightly. And stay still, until you know, tomorrow finds the best way out, is through. And I am short on words knowing what’s occurred. She begins to leave because of me, her back is now much heavier, I wish that I could carry her.”

ten favourite btvs episodesfaith, hope & trick

giles, look, i’ve got make-up tests to pass, missing people in sunset
ridge, and a zesty new slayer to feed. next time i kill angel, i’ll video it.

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